Stay Cool With Samsung A697 Sunburst


Sunburst A697 is Samsung's latest mobile phone output that has been equipped with touch screen systems. If we look, it's not too much is a Samsung mobile phone output to apply the touch-screen technology these days, besides a series of Corby who recently marketed in the homeland. And as has been quoted by Samsung's own party during launch, the Samsung A697 mobile phone series is destined for the middle class mobile phone enthusiasts, who also has the support with applications and features of the middle class and upwards. Want to know more about the features and advantages as well as the price offered by Samsung's latest phones this, consider the following specifications.

Sunburst Samsung A697 using the touch screen 240 x 400 pixels with a width of 3 inches as a main screen, which is also supported with Accelerometer sensor and capable of displaying 256K colors. Overall size or width is not too large for the size of the hands of adults, some even say that the dimensions 101 x 52.8 x 13 mm is comfortable to grip. Samsung A697 is also equipped with 2 MP camera and can also be used for video recording. And for internet connections, unfortunately this phone does not support 3G, but you can still enjoy a comfortable browsing the Internet with GPRS and EDGE technology would bring. And for offline connections or file transfers, there is Bluetooth and USB options you can use.

Concerning the capacity of memory, you can rely on 190 MB internal memory by default, this Samsung has, however, if this were not enough, you just need to add external memory with support up to 32GB. For entertainment or gaming, the Samsung A697 does not specifically bring good games or new, but you can add to an existing collection of games with him how to download directly from this phone. Maybe for most of you saw many flaws on this phone, as only a 2MP camera or Internet connection that does not use 3G technology, but again because the Samsung A697 mobile phone is designed for users of the middle class and relatively affordable price and depending on the provider you choose.
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