Sprint Mobile Broadband USB Modem Network AirCard 595U Qualcomm 3G CDMA Review And Specs


Sprint Mobile Broadband USB Modem Network AirCard 595U Qualcomm 3G CDMA, The AirCard 595U USB modem is the latest addition to the Sierra Wireless family of wireless products. Packaged in a stylish, compact housing, the AirCard 595U USB modem either plugs directly into your laptop's USB port or the included docking cradle, letting home and enterprise users enjoy wireless EV-DO connectivity whether waiting at an airport, relaxing at a hotel, or meeting a client at a restaurant. The result is one of the best mobile and fixed wireless solutions on the market, and a great alternative to both PCMCIA and ExpressCard solutions.Leveraging the latest high-speed EV-DO Revision A technology, the Sierra AirCard 595U USB modem provides maximum wide area wireless data access at speeds up to 3.1 Mbps downlink and 1.8 Mbps uplink. Users can also expect average upload speeds to improve to 350 to 500 Kbps (from 70 to 144) and download speeds to 450 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps (from 300 to 600). The faster upload data speeds provide a richer experience for large file uploads and media/video streaming. In addition, the 595U is backward-compatible with older networks when 3G EV-DO networks are unavailable.

The AirCard 595U also includes a built-in GPS antenna and support for location based services (LBS). Users can acquire accurate mapping directions to client appointments or the closest restaurant using the GPS and LBS functions, which determines the exact location of the modem and calculates all the directions accordingly.

Sprint Connectivity

Before checkout, choose the Sprint Internet plan that's right for you. The 595U is compatible with Sprint's mobile broadband connection plans, which means you can access the information you require to work efficiently outside the office. Sprint's Power Vision network gives you the freedom to stay productive and connected whether you're on the road or in a meeting across town with broadband-like connection speeds. You will also receive access to Sprint's slower national network when outside the Power Vision coverage area.

Design and Installation

Sierra Wireless unveiled a new design for the AirCard 595U USB modem. Thanks to the highly efficient and receptive antenna, the 595U provides end users with the fastest, most reliable connections, with improved speeds and extended coverage through better network signal acquisition in medium- to low-signal-strength areas. The modem also offers a robust antenna connector for attaching an optional external antenna.

The AirCard 595U comes with easy-to-install, easy-to-use Watcher software that provides a common look and feel across all Sierra Wireless products. The USB modem displays all the familiar parameters: signal strength, byte counter, network type, and other connection details, along with a detailed help file to enhance the user experience. The 595U also offers a USB connector that extends to 90, 135, and 160 degrees for flexible positioning.

Vital Statistics
Compatible with Microsoft Windows (Vista, XP, and 2000) and Mac OS X operating systems, the dual-band (800 and 1900 MHz) AirCard 595U USB modem measures 3.66 by 0.78 by 1.53 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 0.13 pounds.


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