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This review is to help you decide on the product before you go ahead to buy it. The new Samsung S7070 Diva is known to be tailor made for the fairer. The packaging has made it so evident that the females who consider themselves equal to men might detest the phone. Still you can consider Samsung S7070 Diva to be a fine model. This is something that the people would surely remember as the stylish phone. The outlook of the phone is very dainty and precisely made, a beautiful handset and stylish at the same time. Samsung has earlier worked on this theme of making style oriented and female oriented phones, however, this time they retrying to make it not too dainty and flowery. Hence they have not added any accessory like they did to earlier versions.

The reason why Samsung S7070 Diva has been making so many stirs in the market is because of the back detail of the phone. Not only does it add a functional aspect to the whole design of the phone, it makes it more than a mere lady phone. This is what shall attract the young crowd to Samsung S7070 Diva. It has a quilt detail to the phone back and in light color. With the help of the corrugations there is no chance that it shall slip of the hand. Considering all such details we can say that phone rather being a favorite amongst the grown up ladies shall be a favorite amongst the young girls. It matches their style quotient of being girly yet different attitude. Also, the title Diva quite matches the pursuits of this age group.

Another outlook detail of the phone is the diamond shaped button on the front. It adds the desired color and effect to the phone. The best thing about this is that it is clickable and hence add functionality to it.

Along with the Samsung S7070 Diva you get the regular headphone set, the USB cables, wall charger and a user guide for help. Now we shall talk about the technical details of the Samsung S7070 Diva. The screen size of the phone is fine being 2.8 inches and comes along with a capacitive technology and QVGA resolution to the screen. One thing that might come across as a problem for some is the thinness of color. Due to this there might some difficulties while accessing the phone in sunlight. However, this is compensated with the display sensitivity of the phone. Another hitch in the Samsung S7070 Diva is the fact that it lacks the 3.5 millimeter jack and hence you cannot directly attach the headphone. It also incorporates the micro USP port.

The Samsung S7070 Diva has been launched with two different names in Germany and in Russia. In Russia it has a French name la fleur and in the Germany it is rightly called as the "Glamour"

As far as the software details are in Samsung S7070 Diva it uses the interface by touch wiz. What are tailor-made for this phone are the pink theme and the wish list, all taking ahead the same story of the Samsung S7070 Diva.


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